Our Programs

Gomde California’s fall and spring programs provide a number of opportunities for deepening your experience and knowledge of the Dharma.  Lama Gerry Prindiville will be in residence throughout the year to give teachings on our lineage practices, lead group retreats, and offer guidance for individual retreatants.

Gomde California has developed a staffing system to encourage volunteers who would like to participate in the Gomde community and support the operation of the seminars. Many of these jobs come with discounts for those in need. Please visit the Work Exchange/Scholarship page for descriptions of the services needed.


Tibetan New Year Trinley Nyingpo Retreat

February 13 - 15

Gomde California will celebrate both Tibetan New Year and Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s anniversary with a retreat focused on the practice of Guru Rinpoche.  The retreat will begin on the evening of February 13th with the practice of Vajrakilaya in order to avert any obstacles that may arise.  After that we will engage in the group… more »


The Healing Power of Innate Love and Wisdom: Meditations from Tibet for Westerners

John Makransky, PhD

March 6 - 8

To be a healing and compassionate presence for others, we need to heal deep within.  For that, we need to connect to a more open, unconditional part of our being, a basic kindness and compassion available in the background of our experience, in our basic awareness.  In this retreat, meditation practices from Tibet are adapted… more »


Medicine Buddha: the Door to Boundless Healing

Lama Bruce Newman

April 10 - 12

*Please note that the program topic has changed. In this weekend retreat, Lama Bruce will help us to discover the healing power of Sangye Menlha, the Medicine Buddha.  Based on Tulku Thondup’s book, Boundless Healing, Lama Bruce will guide us through an array of profound meditations on the Medicine Buddha that bring us, as well… more »

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Turning the Mind from Samsara 4: Karmic Cause and Effect

Lama Gerry Prindiville

May 22 - 24

This program is the fourth in a four-part series offered in support of Tara’s Triple Excellence Online Meditation Program.  Based on the wisdom teachings of Green Tara, we will focus on the fourth of the four thoughts that help us cultivate weariness with cyclic existence: karmic cause and effect.  In this program we will examine… more »