Our Programs

Gomde California’s fall and spring programs provide a number of opportunities for deepening your experience and knowledge of the Dharma.  Lama Gerry Prindiville will be in residence throughout the year to give teachings on our lineage practices, lead group retreats, and offer guidance for individual retreatants.

Gomde California has developed a staffing system to encourage volunteers who would like to participate in the Gomde community and support the operation of the seminars. Many of these jobs come with discounts for those in need. Please visit the Work Exchange/Scholarship page for descriptions of the services needed.


Seven Key Points for Training the Mind

Lama Kunzang Drolma and Ani Marcia Hansen

March 17 - 19

The Buddhist teachings state that the ultimate obstacle to recognizing and achieving stability in the nature of the mind is our self-cherishing.  The tradition of Lojong, or mind training, directly addresses this self absorption that lies at the root of our suffering.  One of the most profound yet accessible expressions of this tradition is The… more »


Waking into Compassion: Understandings and Misunderstandings of Compassion in Modern Buddhism

Professor Steve Jenkins

April 7 - 9

Compassion is the heart of the Buddhist path, it is “buddhahood in the palm of your hand.”  A deep understanding of compassion is seen to be a prerequisite for making progress in meditation and not going astray in our practice.  What can compassion teach us about selflessness, emptiness, and Buddha-nature? Does meditation necessarily lead to… more »


Medicine Buddha: Door to Boundless Healing

Lama Bruce Newman

May 12 - 14

In this weekend retreat, Lama Bruce Newman will help us uncover our innate capacity for healing. Using Tulku Thondup’s book, Boundless Healing, Lama Bruce will guide us through profound meditations on the Medicine Buddha, adapted for Westerners, that nurture both health and liberation. This retreat will benefit anyone interested in healing as a means for… more »


2017 Buddhist Studies Summer Program

Lama Tsultrim Sangpo

June 14 - August 10

The Buddhist Studies Summer Program is an academically accredited residential study and practice program that combines traditional and academic approaches to Buddhist studies.  Students in the program live at our remote Northern California center and participate in daily sessions of teaching and meditation led by our Lamas, teachers, and translators. The Program consists of two… more »

8. Vasubandhu

2017 Classical Tibetan Summer Intensive

The Dharmachakra Translation Center

June 14 - August 10

The Dharmachakra School of Translation offers intermediate-level training in written, classical Tibetan.  Our program is open to students with one or more years of formal study of the classical Tibetan language in either an academic or traditional environment Through our partnership with Kathmandu University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute we are… more »


Annual Seminar

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

August 11 - 18

Gomde California is pleased to announce the dates for our precious teacher Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche’s 2017 program.  Please mark you calendars now!  We will share more details as soon as we know them, and will open registration shortly.