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Prayers for the Sick, Dying, and Deceased

Sponsor a Prayer for the Sick, Dying and the Recently Deceased

Buddhist monasteries and Dharma communities traditionally offer prayers and perform rituals on behalf of those who are sick or experiencing trauma, as well as for the dying and deceased.  At Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California our resident monastics and staff also perform the reading of names of those in need of healing, who are in the process of dying, or who have recently passed away.  The reading of names is included in our evening meditation session so that the merit from our communal practice may aid those in need, as well as their families and loved ones.  Names remain on the prayer list for as long as needed, and in the case of those who have recently passed, for the traditional 49 days following death.

For more information on how two add someone to the prayer list or sponsor pujas on their behalf, please visit the Prayers and Offerings page.

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The Third Excellence is Launched

The dedicated team behind the Tārā’s Triple Excellent Online Program is excited to announce the launch Part 1 of the Third Excellence.  This new stage of Tārā practice begins with a thorough introduction to Vajrayana, from its historical development to the crucial points of tantric practice. The daily contemplations and meditations are designed to answer all of our questions about visualization practice wo that we understand the importance of visualization practices and how it transforms our minds.

The practice of the Third Excellence is lead by Lama Tenzin Sangpo and Ani Choying Drolma, whose chanting practitioners follow through the practice.  Ani Choying Drolma has also recorded the Twenty-One Praises in Tibetan with a beautiful melody at a slower pace to help us become familiar with Tibetan pronunciation. Recordings of the Twenty-One Praises will also be available in English with equally beautiful melodies which we can choose to follow at a slow or fast pace.

For more information and to register, please visit the new, beautiful, and user-friendly Dharma Sun website, home to all of Chökyi Nyima Rinpcohe’s practice programs.

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Read Gomde CA’s 2015 Financial Report

We are pleased to make the Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California Annual Financial Report for 2015 available to everyone.  It is important to us that the entire Gomde CA community be clear on how your generous contributions and program fees are being used to fulfill Rinpoche’s vision for our center and our mission to study, practice, and preserve the authentic Buddhist teachings Rinpoche offers us.  Everyone is most welcome to share their thoughts and ideas with us.

Download the 2015 Financial Report


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New Management Structure

Adopted by Board of Directors – February 24, 2016

There are three (3) overall management areas with existing subareas nesting under the direction of one person or director. The three directors will work as a team in managing Gomde’s operations, programs, and long-term development in a cohesive manner. Current managers of particular areas will serve under each overall director, but will still retain most of their responsibilities. Each manager will work closely with and report to the director in their area. See attached Matrix with current staffing and volunteers by main areas, and subareas. Joanne Brion also serves as Treasurer for the organization; Ryan Damron serves as Vice President and Board Member, and Rhonda LoPresti serves as Board Member.

  1. Gomde Director: Joanne Brion

Gomde Director oversees managing all staff and volunteers that live on the land, and other volunteers such as housekeeping. Management areas of responsibility include:

  • Finance and Administration, which includes Insurance, Legal, Corp documents
  • Land and Building Management/ Maintenance, furnishings, design, and equipment
  • Ratna Shop – inventor, shop during summer and weekend retreats, and online shop
  • Master Plan and Long Range Planning
  • Kitchen and Cooks – large seminars, summer programs, and weekend retreats
  • Personal Retreats
  1. Development and Publicity Director: Rhonda LoPresti

Development and Publicity Director oversees all aspects of communications, branding, messaging, advertising, outreach, and fundraising for projects and on-going operations. Management areas of responsibility include Fund Raising and Development:

  • Marketing, Branding and Messaging
  • Capital Campaign Development, and Fundraising
  • Communications and Advertising
  • Membership Development
  1. Programs, Education and Practice Director: Ryan Damron

The Program Director is the liaison with the international Sangha, RYI, and Nepal Sangha. Management areas of responsibility include:

  • Seminars and Programs, including Children’s Programs
  • Dharmachakra Translation Committee (DTC) – Translation Training program
  • Buddhist Studies Program
  • Study Weekends and Practice Weekends
  • Website, Audio Visual and Archiving, which includes archiving and video/audio production.

Click here for our Management Matrix document.

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Applications open for Summer Translation and Buddhist Studies Programs

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepRongzom1ting applications for the 2016 Dharmachakra School of Translation and the Buddhist Studies Summer Program.  Both residential programs provide an immersive study and practice experience at our remote, beautiful center.  For more information on these programs and to apply please follow the links below.  We look forward to seeing you this summer.

The Dharmachakra School of Translation 2016 Summer Program

The 2016 Buddhist Studies Summer Program


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2014 Annual Report

Follow a wonderful seminar with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s program, Gomde California quickly would like to make our 2014 Annual Financial Report available to our sangha.  It has been a great year at Gomde, and we are grateful to everyone who visited us, attended programs, volunteered, and otherwise supported Rinpoche and his vision.   Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.  Here’s the link to the report:

2014 RYGCA Final Financial Report 8.10.15


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Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche on Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction

IMG_0594-edit-small2Dear Friends and Sangha Members,

In the aftermath of Nepal’s worst ever natural disaster, which has claimed more than 8500 lives, everyone at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery is continuing to devote each and every waking hour to helping those in greatest need and praying for all who have suffered such unimaginable losses.

It is now more than a month since the first earthquake struck and we are still providing shelter for the many local families made homeless and have distributed tons of food, tents, tarpaulins and medicines to people living in the hardest hit districts. Our monks’ and nuns’ local knowledge and special scouting missions have allowed relief supplies to be directed where they are most needed, quickly and efficiently.

Earlier this week we launched the second phase of our relief efforts intended to provide more than one thousand families with corrugated roof sheeting to help build shelters before the monsoon rains hit next month. All of these efforts would not have been possible without the kindness and generosity of so many friends and supporters around the world and I would like to thank each and every one of you who have sent their best wishes and contributed financially.

With the monastery’s relief efforts now fully underway, and soon to be taken over by more specialized development agencies, the time has now come for us to reflect on our own circumstances. As you may know, many of buildings at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, Nagi Gompa Nunnery and neighboring Gelong Gompa were severely damaged during the earthquakes and must now be repaired or rebuilt. Among these, the great main temple at Ka-Nying monastery is severely damaged and must now be taken down.

While this will be extremely painful for everyone involved, it also presents us with an important opportunity. When the monastery was first built over forty years ago, we were all newly arrived refugees from Tibet and could not afford to buy high quality materials. Nor did we have experts on hand to guide us on earthquake resistant buildings. Now we have an opportunity to correct these shortcomings.

The main temple is where the Buddha’s teachings are housed and serves as the spiritual home for all those connected with our lineage. So many great masters blessed this building through their teachings, meditation instructions and empowerments. As a result, a vast number of people were helped at a deep personal level and we should all celebrate such a wonderful success. The temple did a truly excellent job! It’s rebuilding will take time, but it can be done, and we can now make it large enough to accommodate the ever g.rowing number of aspiring monks wishing to join he monastery.

Since the monastery is such an important center for Buddhism, we are now inviting all those with a sincere interest in Lord Buddha’s teachings to offer their assistance with our rebuilding efforts. If you are able to assist, please consider making a donation at www.shedrubfund.org. Working together, we will soon rebuild this precious Dharma seat – the source of so many blessings and profound activities! Thank you.

With love and blessings,

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

If you have any questions about our relief efforts please contact Shenpen’s project officer Joseph Faria at earthquakerelief@shenpennepal.org.

For further information on the rebuilding of our monasteries and nunnery, please contact SDF’s secretary Greg Whiteside at reconstruct@shedrubfund.org

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Use Permit Update and a Call for Volunteers: May 24th – June 2nd

We are pleased to announce that on April 16th, 2015 Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California received approval of our Use Permit to operate as a full-fledged retreat center in Mendocino County. The approval by the Planning Commission was unanimous and there were very little questions and no opposition presented. In fact we received about 50 letters from members and the community. Thank you very much for your support.

Now that we have been approved we need to apply for what is called an “organized camp permit” which is issued by the County’s Environmental Health Department. This permit oversees and regulates our kitchen, food preparation areas, dining hall areas along with the lodging components on the land, and water and septic systems.

We will have our first formal inspection June 1st of this year about 10 days before our official summer season starts.


Every year during work week we prepare the land for our busy summer season, which always involves clearing the campground and putting up tents, clearing trails, cleaning the houses for visiting Lamas and other guests, and getting our kitchen and dining facilities in order.  Because of this year’s inspection by the Environmental Health Department, and because of changes to our existing facilities, we will add to this already daunting list:

  • Cleaning carpets in Gate House, Trailer, and Sangha House
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen, pantry and back porch
  • Help repair back porch screening and decks
  • Make kitchen and pantry mouse proof
  • Work on water system

Your help will be instrumental in ensuring Gomde is ready for our Summer programs.

If you are not able to attend work week you can make a donation towards supplies and materials needed to meet the requirements of the new permit. This includes the purchasing of fire extinguishers, new bedding, lighting and emergency supplies, and improvements to our water system. You can make a one time donation here:

https://gomdeusa.org/giving/one-time-donation/ or mail a check to RYG CA, PO Box 162, Leggett, CA 95585.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you this summer.

The Gomde California Team

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TUNE IN FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! The 2016 Annual November Seminar in Nepal is available online now through 11/25 via Dharma Sun. You can access these precious teachings from your home anywhere in the world To register and watch for this online seminar please visit the Dharma Sun website.