2017 Buddhist Studies Summer Program

Lama Tsultrim Sangpo

June 14 - August 10

The Buddhist Studies Summer Program is an academically accredited residential study and practice program that combines traditional and academic approaches to Buddhist studies.  Students in the program live at our remote Northern California center and participate in daily sessions of teaching and meditation led by our Lamas, teachers, and translators.

The Program consists of two month-long sessions that focus on different elements of the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. Students have the option of attending the full summer of programs or either of the two sessions.  Academic credit is available for the full-program only.

June 14 – July 16: Foundations of the Buddhist Path.  This session introduces the key points of the Buddhist path as set forth in the early teachings of the Buddha and in the Mahāyāna teachings on emptiness and compassion.  Lama Tsultrim Sangpo will offer daily teachings on Gampopa’s Precious Garland of the Sublime Path, a collection of pithy advice to be immediately applied. Lama Tsultrim’s teachings will be supported by daily meditation sessions focused on the foundational practices of Calm Abiding (shamatha), Insight (vipashyana), and Exchanging Self and Others (tong-len).  Lectures in this session will cover pre-Buddhist India, the doctrines and practices of Early Buddhism, and the emergence of the Mahāyāna.  The program will conclude with a multi-day retreat on the teachings given during the session.

July 19 – August 10: Introducing the Vajrayāna.  This session will focus on the profound teachings and practices of tantric Buddhism, the Vajrayāna.  Lama Tsultrim Sangpo will teach on the Sangtik Dorsem, the core practice of Vajrasattva from the Chokling Tersar lineage.  Lama Tsultrim and Gomde’s other resident Lamas will provide extensive, detailed instructions on each stage of tantric mediation and their accompanying ritual practices.  Lectures in this session will focus on the history of tantric Buddhism in both Indian and Tibet. The session will conclude with a drubchö, a multi-day, intensive practice of Vajrasattva according to the instructions that have been given.

Through our partnership with Kathmandu University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies at the Rangjung Yeshe Insitutute we now offer internationally-recognized academic credit for full participation in the Buddhist Studies Summer Program.

Please visit the program page for complete information and application.

About the Teacher

Lama Tsultrim Sangpo

A senior monk and chant master at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery in Kathmandu, Lama completed a traditional three year retreat under the guidance of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.  He currently trains the younger monks at the monastery in the practice of the ritual arts.