“The Essence of Mind” by Mipham Rinpoche

Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

August 24 - 26

  • $400.00 – Program Price
  • $425.00 – Patron Level (includes $25 scholarship donation)
  • $450.00 – Benefactor Level (includes $50 scholarship donation)

We are honored to welcome Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche back to Gomde California this summer for special teachings on the pinnacle of all Buddhist views: the Great Perfection.

This year, Rinpoche will teach on a profound text entitled “The Essence of Mind” by the extraordinary 19th century Nyingma scholar-practitioner, Mipham Rinpoche. This text definitively approaches mind’s nature from a variety of angles: employing traditional metaphors, pith instruction from Garab Dorje, and elements of negative explanation from Prasangika Madhyamaka.

Khandro Rinpoche’s teaching style is uncompromisingly direct and profound. Her authentic lineage, masterful control of the English language, and liberating humor will be a blessing for all in attendance.

This will be a very popular program. ALL tent cabins are now SOLD OUT. Please email registrar@gomdeusa.org to be put on the wait list.

About the Teacher

Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

Her Eminence Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche was born as the eldest daughter of Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen Gyurme Künzang Wangyal, the 11th Mindrolling throne holder of the renowned Mindrolling lineage. The Mindrolling lineage is one of the six main Nyingma Lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. Throughout its history, some of the greatest masters of their time have… more »